We make it easy to choose electric

You can reach your destination with us with a clear conscience. Because with more than 600 purely electric cars in our fleet, we’re the biggest taxi company in Greater Copenhagen – with most electric taxies.

TAXA 4×35 not only acknowledges how important the green transition is, we’re taking on the responsibility of leading the entire industry forwards. Because one of the biggest challenges our society faces is the massive amount of CO2 emitted by the transport sector. The very sector we are a part of. And that puts us in the hot seat!

That’s why we’ve stipulated that all the new cars in our fleet have to be zero emission electric cars.

A company CO₂ account that balances?

Over half of our fleet is electric already. And more are being added every day.

By choosing TAXA 4×35 as your partner, the climate agenda becomes a natural, integrated part of your daily transport – without having to compromise on user-friendliness, service, quality and price. We report our driving statistics to make it easy for you to track how many CO₂-neutral cars you’ve been using. That makes it easy for you to keep updated on your CO₂-emissions when using TAXA.

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Requirement for zero emissions

TAXA 4×35 requires all its new cars to be zero emission. That applies to all new owners who want to be part of TAXA 4×35, and to existing owners when they change car.

Because we are a taxi company at work around the clock, and our taxies cover thousands of kilometers around Copenhagen every single day. That’s why the switch from diesel to electric means a lot to the CO2 accounts.

And our strategy pays!

In just under two years, we’ve gone from less than 100 electric taxies to over 600 working the Copenhagen streets. And that’s why you see our Zero Emission cars everywhere.

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More than half our fleet is electric

We’re working every single day to get more of our existing owners to ride the green wave and invest in an electric taxi. Because as a cooperative consisting of self-employed taxi owners, we can’t just go out and buy 100 new electric taxies. It’s the owners themselves that have to make the investment personally.

And that’s why we’re immeasurably proud that so many of them have already opted to invest in an electric car, meaning that more than half of our fleet is already electric.

We make it easy to go green

Every one of us can make a difference. When there’s enough of us, we can drive our industry and society in a better, sustainable direction. That’s why we’ve made it easy for our customers to go green.

When you order a TAXA in our app, you can opt to use one of our electric taxies.

If there’s an electric car available near you, we’ll send it. If there isn’t, we will of course send a diesel model to ensure you’re not left waiting too long.

Our progress

We launched the requirement that all new cars in our fleet had to be zero emission models in March 2020. But, thanks to COVID-19 and the devastating effect it had on the taxi industry, there were not many owners who could afford to invest in an electric taxi.

However, between January and December 2021, things began to happen. We went from just under 100 electric taxies to celebrating number 300.

And we’ve kept up the good work. We rounded 400 in August 2022, equivalent to 45% of the fleet as a whole.

Proportion of zero emission cars in the TAXA 4x35 fleet:

The share of zero emission taxis at TAXA 4x35, February 2024