Request a taxi account

Request for a taxi account with TAXA 4×35 for your company or organisation and avoid payment in the taxi.

With a taxi account you receive an invoice with detailed specifications, such as date of the ride, reference no., date of debit and price for every employee’s transportation. 

With a taxi account you avoid payment in the taxi just by providing your account number when booking by telephone.  

Additional options when you choose a taxi account

Request account 1

A digital self-service solution.Makes payment using your taxi account possible with our app.

Request account 2

TAXA 4x35 Voucher

A one-time paper voucher. Can be produced with detailed specifications that make your transport accounting easier.

Request account 3

TAXA 4x35 Card

Plastic card. The card can be personalized - and the personalized information is transferred to the invoice specifications.

Request a taxi account