Experience Copenhagen with your own private taxi guide

A sightseeing taxi offers you a sightseeing tour to the popular tourist sights in a taxi with your own sightseeing-certified driver as tour guide. Choose among the popular tours below or contact us for your own tailored tour.

Certification focused on sightseeing

With decades of driving the streets of Copenhagen our certified sightseeing drivers know every nook and corner of our beautiful and living city. Also the hidden gems and good stories that you do not find in the typical tourist guides.

Who knows Copenhagen better than the local taxi drivers?

Our sightseeing certification is your assurance of a top-notch sightseeing experience. To obtain the certification, the driver attends a 3-day course and a final exam.

Tailor the sightseeing tour according to your wishes

Choose a driver that speaks your language

English, German, Spanish, French, Portugese - choose your preferred language, and we shall find the driver for you.

Decide which tourist sights you want to experience

The Little Mermaid? Tivoli? The Marble Church or Amalienborg? Tailor your own program.

You decide where to start

You may choose to be picked straight from the hotel, the cruise terminals or from a company address.

You decide the duration of the tour

You decide how long you want the tour to last.

You decide the end destination

Many of our sightseeing customers plan their tour on the last day of their stay in Copenhagen and are dropped off in the airport.

You decide the size of taxi

Book a regular taxi holding 1 - 4 passengers or a minibus holding 5 - 8 passengers. All our taxies are equipped with aircondition and USB connector for smartphones chargers.

Suggested tours

Show tours that include:

The Copenhagen Quick Tour

2 hours

A quick round of the city, where you experience the best known tourist sights from the seat in your taxi.

The Copenhagen Tour

4 hours

Takes you to the best known tourist sights in Copenhagen with some hidden local gems added. 

The Modern Copenhagen Tour

4 hours

Experience some of the newest and most astonishing architecture in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Plus Tour

6 hours

This is the Copenhagen Tour spiced up with visits to the two charming small towns, Dragør and Magleby, a world apart from the rest of urban Copenhagen.

The Castle Tour

8 hours

Tour of the Castles will take you to the Northern part of Sealand where you can experience some of the most fantastic Danish castles along with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. 

The Viking Tour

8 hours

The Viking Tour takes you to Roskilde to experience the Gothic cathedral and The Viking Ship Museum as well as The National Museum in Copenhagen etc.

The Louisiana Tour

4 hours

The Louisiana Tour includes a visit to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and a tour along the coast of North Zealand.

Tailor your own tour

8 hours

Select the sights and the duration of you tour and tell us what you want.

SightseeingTAXA – Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are including VAT and exclusive of entrance fees, food & drinks.
  • All prices and durations are our best estimates. The final duration of your sightseeing tour dictates the price.
  • The sightseeing tours must be booked and paid for 24 hours prior to pick-up time.
  • Booked and paid sightseeing tours must be cancelled latest 24 hours prior to pick-up time in order to be refunded.   

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