Book your taxi ride at a fixed price

In the TAXA 4×35 app you can choose to drive at meter rates or at the fixed price offered through the app.

When booking at a fixed price you avoid worrying about unexpected traffic changes, traffic congestion etc. that prolong your ride and thus increase the price. With a fixed price you know the price in advance, no matter the unexpected delays in traffic that may occur.

Do you want to know the price of your ride in advance?

Book with a fixed price in the app!

When do you choose meter rates and when do you choose a fixed price?

Taxi fixed price

Good to know about driving at a fixed price

When booking a ride at a fixed price, please note: It will not be possible to make changes to the ride already booked at a fixed price. When the booking has been accepted, you cannnot change the pick-up time and address and the destination, and you cannot make stops on the way nor buy extra services that include a surcharge (cycle etc.)

You can cancel your booking up until the start of the ride.

When choosing to book at a fixed price, you allow the driver to select the route that he finds to be the best suitable and which typically is the route on which the fixed price is  based.

Please also note that rides at a fixed price are only offered on Zealand, and exclusive of bridge tolls, ferry charges and the like.

This is how the app calculates a fixed price for you

When you enter both a pick-up address and a destination address in the app, the length and duration of the ride is checked via Google Map, and based on the last 2 years’ driving statistics, registered road repair work and traffic congestion, as well as the time of day and type of vehicle,  the fastest and most convenient route is selected.