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Find answers to typical questions regarding TAXA 4×35’s app.

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Visit Apple App Store or Google Play to download the TAXA 4×35 (Taxi booking) app.

Our app is free of charge.

You need a user profile in order to pay by debit card directly in the app, receive receipts by mail and save favorite addresses, card details and receipts in the app.

Special products and features like PartyTAXA, Fixed Price, Loyalty Discount and vouchers are likewise only accessible with a user profile.

You can book a TAXA without having a user profile, but only with the payment method ”pay by card or cash in car” and your history, receipt and other data will not be saved nor appear next time you use the app.


Your name and phone number are minimum requirements for booking a taxi using our app. Your contact information will be stored automatically in the app for future bookings.

You can pre-book a taxi up to 6 days in advance. Simply select the date and time in the field “TIME ” and press “OK”.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the pre-booked taxi arrives exactly at your desired time of arrival due to e.g. sudden weather change or traffical problems. However, we guarentee to do our absolute best to make sure it happens.

Once your order is completed in the app, you receive status updates regarding your order:

  • Your booking is received
  • Your taxi is on its way
  • Your taxi’s expected time of arrival
  • Your taxi ride is completed
  • The price of the taxi ride (if paid by credit card)

If there are conditions that change the original time of arrival, you receive a new message with an updated expected arrival time.

The app saves your taxi bookings for the last 12 months.

To find your previous bookings, click on “HISTORY”.

The bookings are stored locally on the phone. Hence, if you delete your account/user, the app from your phone or change phones, you will lose your booking history.

Do not hesitate to contact us if a previous booking is missing.

Your ratings will be sent to our drivers and used by our staff to evaluate employees.

“EVALUATE” is used to check our overall service level. Your personal data is anonymous.

Fixed price is the perfect choice for customers who want to know the exact price in advance and avoid surprises.

If you want to decide the driver’s route, you should choose to drive with the taximeter.

Read more about fixed prices here.

App payments

TAXA 4×35 app uses NetAxept, which ensures that your payment is secure and certified by Nets.

Learn more about secure payment at www.teller.dk.

For further information regarding online/mobile payment, please go to www.forbrug.dk.

Insert your credit card details in the “PROFILE” menu under “PAYMENT METHODS” and choose app payment next time you book your taxi via our app.

If you have MobilePay registered with one of your credit cards, the app will register this automatically and you will be able to pay with MobilePay for your ride.

The payment will be drawn from your account when your taxi ride has been completed.

You can pay with:

  • Dankort og VISA/Dankort
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • MobilePay

Choose “PAYMENT METHODS” in the “PROFILE” menu.

Choose the credit card you want to delete and click on the X (on Android-phones you doubleclick).

A box will appear where you need to enter the password that you chose when saving the card in the app.

You delete the card(s) you saved and insert new.

When booking a taxi on our app using the payment method “pay by card in app” the blocked amount of DKK 101 on trips booked on taximeter or the total amount on a trip booked with fixed price, acts as a reserve in case your bank account does not have a sufficient balance.

The amount is released after your taxi ride is completed or cancelled. Please note your card provider can keep the amount as blocked for up to 30 days.

The card(s) saved in the app cannot be used without the password you chose when saving the card. Therefore, card(s) saved in the app are useless for thieves without your password.

After three failed login attempts your profile will be closed.

If you forgot your password, please create a new profile and insert your card information and new password again.

Current app payment fee is DKK 1.57.

Additional costs from your card provider may apply.

When registering your cards in the app, you can choose to enter both private and business credit cards, so your receipt for private rides will be sent to your private mail and business-related rides to your work mail.

Loyalty discount

You can get loyalty discount when you order and pay in the TAXA 4×35 app.

To receive the discount, you must:

  • Created and verified a personal account
  • Order your taxi ride in the TAXA 4×35 app
  • Pay in the app by credit card or MobilePay
  • Remember to activate the loyalty discount in the app at every booking

Remember to activate your loyalty discount every time you book a taxi in the app. This can be done in the section where you also select the vehicle type, payment options and more.

Unfortunately, if you forgot to activate a loyalty discount on a previous trip, we are not able to add it to your account afterwards.

If you click on the %-sign at the top of the app, you can see how much loyalty discount you have saved.

After 9 taxi rides with a loyality discount, you are able to use your loyalty discount on your 10th taxi ride.

You may choose when to use the loyalty discount by waiting to activate the loyalty discount.

Please note that the loyalty discount expires 365 days after the first loyalty discount ride.

The loyalty discount lasts up to 365 days from your first loyalty ride.

TAXA-account payments

Yes, it only requires a login for TAXA.nu, where your TAXA-account is registered. Get a TAXA.nu account here.
Our customer service will help you connect your login to your TAXA-account.

Once the account is associated to your login, follow the following steps:

  2. Activate “TAXA.NU ACCOUNT”
  3. Log in with your credentials
  4. Select “ACCOUNT” when you use the app

You can create a TAXA-account by filling out the form at TAXA.dk and indicating that you want to link your TAXA-account to our digital ordering platforms.

If your TAXA-account or credit card is associated with the app, the receipt for your TAXA ride will be saved under “HISTORY”. The receipt can also be sent to your email.


You can cancel the taxi until it arrives.

Simply press “CANCEL” and then “YES, CANCEL”.

If you want to cancel a taxi you have booked for later, press “MORE RIDES”, which is located in the top right corner, and press “CANCEL” and then “YES, CANCEL”.