FAQ taxi bookings

Here you can find answers to typical questions regarding taxi bookings and payment.


You can pre-book a taxi minimum 10 minutes and maximum 6 days in advance.

Keep in mind that rush hour and holidays can cause extra traveling time.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the pre-booked taxi arrives exactly at your desired time of arrival due to e.g. sudden weather change or traffical problems. However, we guarentee to do our absolute best to make sure it happens.

Yes, just let us know when booking a taxi or select the option in the app.

We always strive to arrive at your address on time, but conditions such as weather and traffic can cause delays.

Arrival time varies depending on when and where you need a taxi.

We always strive to serve you with a taxi at your chosen destination at your exact chosen time. Unfortunetaly we don’t provide any guarantees, and we offer no compensation in case of delay or absence from our part. 

Please bear in mind that ordering a taxi is a free service, and that it works seamlessly in most cases.

Safety in the car

Children under the age of three do not need to sit in a specially approved high chair in a taxi.

Yes. All passengers over the age of three must wear a seat belt.

From the age of 15, passengers are responsible for wearing their seat belts.

However, the taxi driver is responsible for making sure children under the age of 15 wear their seat belts.

Surveillance is required by Danish taxi law.

The footage helps increase the safety of both passengers and drivers.

The recordings are stored in a closed system. Access to the video material requires the taxi vehicle to enter a car workshop certified to access the material.


Inside the cab we accept cash (DKK), credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as taxi cards and vouchers from other taxi companies.

When ordering a taxi through our taxi app we accept cash, credit cards and MobilePay as payment methods.

Please make note that drivers, for security reasons, have little change.

Prices are issued by the local municipality.

Traffic may effect the trip fare. If you want to know the exact price in advance, you can book a ride with a fixed price in our app.

See our taxi fares here.

According to Danish Taxi Law the taximeter may be started upon arrival at the address.

If the taxi is booked at a specific time, the taximeter will only be started at the ordered time of arrival.

Drivers are allowed to ask for pre-payments prior to the end of a taxi trip.

Normally, this only happens when taking longer rides, such as trips across the country.

According to Danish Taxi Law, drivers are allowed (with you permission) to keep value/personal goods if passengers cannot pay the taxi fare.

Goods will be delivered to TAXA main office – you can pick these up in exchange of the due taxi fare.

As a result of a new EU directive, it is no longer permissible to impose a surcharge (card fee) on private credit cards issued within the EU / EEA.

This means that card fees can now only be imposed:

  • Private credit cards issued outside of the EU/EEA
  • Business credit cars issued in or outside of DK/EU/EEA


Contact customer services for further information.

If you have booked via app, or have allowed TAXA to register your mobile number upon booking, you will automatically receive updates on your taxi booking.

Contact our customer services.

Bookings made via app, or on TAXA.nu can be cancelled directly through your smartphone or PC.

Cancellations must be made as quickly as possible and prior to the taxi’s arrival.

Cancellation of pre-paid trips to Copenhagen Airport: pre-paid rides to the Copenhagen Airport must be cancelled 2 hours prior to the taxi’s arrival.

If the taxi is cancelled prior to arrival, the cancellation is free of charge.

If you are a TAXA-account customer and did not cancel your ride, you will be charged an amount equal to the taximeter.

Lost & found

Lost & found is delivered to our company address:

Rosenlunds Allé 8, 2720 Vanløse

Please contact us using this form to check if your stuff has been found and delivered.

After 1 month, all lost & found items are delivered to the Police:

Hittegodskontoret, Politigården, 1567 København V

Phone: 38 74 88 22