Terms and Conditions for the TAXA 4x35 app

Updated: April 18, 2024

By downloading and/or continuing to use the TAXA 4×35 app (the “app”) provided by Sammenslutningen TAXA 4×35, Rosenlunds Allé 8, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark, CVR no. 74001416, (“TAXA 4×35” or “we”), you acknowledge and you accept the conditions set out in these terms.

If you do not wish to accept these terms, please do not install the app, and if you have already installed it, please uninstall it immediately. The terms apply for the time that the app is or has been installed.

We kindly ask that you read the terms thoroughly, in particular clause 5 concerning exclusion and limitation of liability.

You must consent separately to the processing of some of your personal data in order to be able to use all functions in the app, e.g. the use of location data. You may find TAXA 4×35’s privacy notice within the app or on taxa.dk/en/privacy-policy .


The app gives you access to information about booking and payment etc. of a taxi.
It is free to use the app, but telecom operators may charge you for the data traffic necessary to use the app. Use of a taxi will be charged according to applicable fare prices.

ETA (expected waiting time before your taxi arrives):

When you open the app, you will see an expected waiting time prior to booking a taxi. ETA is an expected and not a guaranteed waiting time. It is calculated on historical data combined with Google Maps data.

Be ready:

You must be ready for departure when your taxi arrives. The ride goes from A to B and additional stops or changes of destination cannot be added. Possible extensions cannot be added.

Payment via the app:

When you pay for your taxi ride with the app, you can pay using a credit card or MobilePay (only available when booking with a fixed price) in direct continuation of your purchase. In the app you can pay using the following credit cards: Dankort/VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro og MasterCard. The payment will be withdrawn from your account once the taxi ride has ended.

The app uses NetAxept, which ensures that your payment is secure and certified by Nets. On www.teller.dk you can read about secure payment. For further information regarding payment via the internet, please go to www.forbrug.dk.

Payment via MobilePay is administered by Cellpoint Mobile.

You can find the receipt of your purchase in the app, and if you have entered your email address, we will send you the receipt via email.

To ensure that there are sufficient funds on the credit card for the fare, DKK 101,- are reserved when paying with a credit card in the app for a taxi ride where the taximeter is on. When paying with a credit card in the app for a taxi ride where a fixed price has been selected, the full price of the ride is reserved. When the ride has ended, TAXA 4×35 cancels the reservation. The full reservation period is however dependent on your credit card company and it may be up to 30 days.

Vouchers/discount codes:

A voucher/discount code gives you either a cash discount or a percentual discount. The voucher/discount code cannot be combined with other forms of discount and cannot be used if you have activated taxa.nu. The voucher/discount code can only be used when paying with credit card or MobilePay in the app.

Fares and fees:

We refer to the fares and fees in force from time to time – see taxa.dk/en/prices/. Depending on your subscription, further costs to your telecom operator may apply in connection with the transmission of data when using the app.

Rides with fixed price:

Be aware of the following before booking a ride with a fixed price:

  • You are not able to make changes to rides confirmed as fixed price rides. When a fixed price ride has been confirmed, you become unable to change the pickup time, the pickup address and the destination address, and you cannot ask for stops during the ride or buy surcharge services.
  • You can cancel the fixed price ride up until the ride starts 
  • When accepting the fixed price ride you allow the driver to pick whichever route he finds best suited – typically it matches the route which the ride has been priced upon.
  • Fixed price rides can only be carried out on Zealand.
  • Fixed prices do not include bridge tolls, ferry charges and alike.
  • If a fixed price trip has been ordered where the driver has to spend extra time in addition to driving from point A to B, (e.g. providing help to pack a wheelchair in / out), an extension to the fixed price trip can be added.


A PartyTAXA is fitted with disco lighting. You can choose the music yourself, and it is permitted to enjoy beverages inside the PartyTAXA. A PartyTAXA must be booked no later than 1 hour before the desired time of pickup. PartyTAXA can only be booked with credit card or MobilePay in the app.

PartyTAXA booking fee: DKK 125,- + fare.


With TAXA 4×35’s loyalty concept, you can earn a discount when you book a taxi using the app.

This is how the loyalty concept works:

  • You earn 10% loyalty discount on trips where you have enabled the loyalty card.
  • When you have taken 9 taxi rides, you can use the earned discount on the 10th ride.
  • You need to activate the loyalty card from the booking screen each time you book a trip (the same screen as where you choose car type, time, ect.).
  • When taking your 10th ride, you must also activate the ride to the loyalty card when you order the taxi
  • The 10th ride with the discount must be taken within 365 days from the first ride entered into the loyalty card (first stamp on the card).
  • After 365 days from your first ride with earned discount, everything is reset, and you start over.
  • Loyalty discount can only be enabled and earned when choosing to pay from inside the app by a saved credit card.
  • Loyalty discount cannot be earned when you have activated taxa.nu in the app (booking for business customers).
  • Loyalty discount cannot be combined with other forms of discount, e.g. vouchers/discount codes.
  • Loyalty discount is only applicable to the fare of the taxi ride and not e.g. fees for bikes.
  • Your earned discount can only be used for one taxi ride and any remainder cannot be transferred.

We reserve the right to change the terms for the use of the loyalty concept, and we make reservations for misprints and typing errors.


The app is owned and controlled by TAXA 4×35 and is protected by applicable legislation on intellectual property rights and other legislation, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademarks, designs, marketing etc. These rights protect – amongst other things – text, graphics and icons. All intellectual property rights to the app belong to and remain with TAXA 4×35, and TAXA 4×35 reserves all rights in this connection.

TAXA 4×35 grants you a time-limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, free of charge user right to the installation and use of the app on any device used by you. The user right does not give access to copying or transferring the app or to under license the user right to third parties.

It is not permitted in any way to copy or make changes to the app or any part thereof or of TAXA 4×35’s own or licensed trademarks. Unless it follows from mandatory legislation, it is not permitted to withhold the source code from the app’s software, and it is not permitted to translate the language of the app to other languages or to create derived versions thereof. This applies to both you and third parties who act on your behalf.

You do not acquire any other rights, either indicated or presupposed, other than the rights described above.


To the fullest extent in accordance with the law,

  • the app is provided as is without any guarantees, and we do not supervise the information about local processing facilities and other service providers, 
  • the use of the app is at your own risk,
  • TAXA 4×35 takes no responsibility for delays, missing or faulty functionality or content, or omissions of information,
  • TAXA 4×35 excludes any liability for injuries or damages arising as a direct or indirect consequence of using the app or its content (or lack of content), waiting time or other events as a consequence of faulty or imprecise indication of position or missing access to the telecommunications network.


When the app is used to book a taxi, it will show your estimated location. This is the case where the function “location services” on your device is turned on, and where you have consented on the phone and in the app to the use of location data.

To show your location, access to the GPS-position of the device and access to the telecommunication network is required. As such, it depends on your device and the coverage of the telecommunication network whether the shown location is correct or accurate. Please compare the information in the app with your surroundings and keep an eye on streets signs etc. if you are not sure where you are.

If you remain unsure of whether your location is displayed accurately and if you need to book a taxi, we kindly ask that you call us at +45 35 35 35 35 instead of booking via the app.


We reserve the right from time to time to amend the terms and to add new sections to them. In such cases, the updated version of the terms will apply once they are made available through a link in the app or on the website. The updated terms apply with your continued use of the app and the website, and your continued use of the app and the website signifies your acceptance of the updated terms. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the terms to ensure that you are familiar with any changes to them.


In case of errors, defects or if a booked taxi has failed to appear, we kindly ask that you contact us via taxa.dk/en/customer-service/contact/ or by phone +45 35 35 35 35.

TAXA 4×35, Rosenlunds Allé 8, DK-2720 Vanløse.